Monday, August 17, 2020

A Tale of Two Protests

       In case you haven't been paying attention, a massive protest has been going on.  No, not the BLM/Antifa riots all over America, but massive peaceful protests in Belarus. In the case of Belarus, it is the protestors that are peaceful and the police and government authorities that were not, attacking protestors and even arresting people nearby who were not even protesting.  Tens of thousands, in cities across Belarus, were protesting the result of the August 2020 presidential election.  In fact, in Minsk, the capital, it looked like 100s of thousands that filled streets and sidewalks as far as the eye could see.  Before I discuss these protests, I'd like to give you some information on Belarus and its history.  Belarus was formerly known as a Byelorussia SSR as part of the Soviet Union. "Byelo" means white probably because the Slavs, who were white-skinned, stood up to the hordes of invaders from Asia.  After the breakup of the Soviet Union, the name was modified to Belarus.  Before becoming part of the Soviet Union, Belarus was part of the Lithuanian Polish Empire, and then being ruled by one of its surrounding countries that include Poland on the west, Lithuania and Latvia on the north and northwest, Ukraine to the south, and Russia on the east.  Prior to WW1 it was controlled by Tsarist Russia, but was supposed to be given some autonomy according to the League of Nations and peace agreement, but in 1922 Lenin and then Stalin made it an integral part of the Soviet Union until 1991 with the collapse of communism and the break up of the Soviet Union.  Belarus had close ties to Russia under Yeltsin and then Putin getting most of its imports and sending most of its exports.  A key import from Russia is oil.  Currently, relations with Russia are not good as Putin is withholding oil. Its first Presidental election was held in 1994 after a constitution had been drawn up and a bicameral legislature is the result with the president allowed to serve two five year terms. 

                       One can see the massive nature of the peaceful protests in Minsk.

      The first and only president is Alexander Lukashenko, a former farming commissar when Belarus was part of the Soviet Union. He has changed the constitution so he can run every five years. The 2004  election and those since were rigged, so much so that the EU placed restrictions on its dealings with Belarus. He is considered the last dictator in Europe and has maintained farming collectives and a secret police called the KBG, reminiscent of the communist past.  He has jailed and even tortured opposition leaders as he did before the recent elections. Siarhei Tsikhanouski, a favored opposition leader, was jailed and accused of crimes he didn't commit. His wife Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya ran in his place and claimed victory, despite the fake official results.  The people knew that Lukashenko's claim of receiving 80% of the vote was fake and is the reason for the massive protests.  

                                   Dictator and President Alexander Lukashenko

     Major opponent and suspected presidential election winner  Sviatlana Tsikanouskaya,  whose                           husband was jailed and tortured before the election

 Belarus is not a rich country and near the bottom in GNP growth. The people though, are almost all employed and hard-working, but life is very restricted.  There are natural resources, but they are controlled by the government and poorly managed  The people would like more interaction with the EU and possibly NATO.  This will not happen with Lukashenko as President.  The protests have continued to gain followers and continue to remain peaceful on the part of the protestors, but not the police.  The protestors have adopted a new flag.  The Belarusian flag consisted of a broad red and green bar, the protestors flag has two white bars with a red one in between with the Belarusian seal.

     Belarusian flag of the protest.


      It is of some interest to compare this protest to the current protests/riots in America.  It is important to note that the protestors in Belarus are peaceful.  There has been no vandalism, arson, or looting in Minsk or any other city. The police, even when violent, have not been attacked. In America, all of the protests have turned into riots.  In Belarus, the people are trying to get out from under a leader who maintains some of the most brutal aspects of communism limiting freedom of speech, dissent, and free elections, whereas those in America are being led by admitted Marxists, who are primarily interested in replacing a free government with a communist one.  Those who oppose BLM/Antifa can be beaten and even murdered.  One of the goals of the riots is to scare people into not voting in November or voting for the protestors.  Billions of dollars worth of damage has been done. many businesses will never rebuild or open again, and it may take years for those that do to recover.  Leftist politicians are on the side of the rioters, who have made a martyr out of a career criminal, who was murdered by a police officer while in custody.  Meanwhile, hundreds of innocents including children have been murdered without any protest by BLM/Antifa.   This makes it obvious to me that Black lives really don't matter to them.   

      I hope that the Belarusian protest will be successful and that Lukashenko will step down and be allowed to find refuge somewhere else.  I hope that a new, freer government arises from all of this.  I do have a warning for the people of Belarus.  One of the few good things that Lukashenko has done was to get rid of George Soros in1997.  Soros in fact is the main sponsor of BLM and Antifa.  As I have pointed out in previous blogs, Soros has tried to step in, converting new or countries in chaos to leftist ones that are often more corrupt than the ones he is replacing.  He has been thrown out of Latvia and Hungary, but has managed to replace a  right of center government in North Macedonia with a leftist one, intent on opening its borders to Middle Eastern and African refugees.  He almost managed to take control of Naftogaz, Ukraine's huge state-owned natural gas company.   In Africa, he supported the election of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to replace a corrupt Liberian President, only to have her put her children in charge of Liberia's natural resources so her son could walk away with $145 million for the oil rights and then had Obama send in American troops under the guise of preventing Ebola to protect gold and iron mines that were controlled by a his NGOs. They seem like charity, but are wolves in sheep's clothing.  Resist Soros!!!  He is worse than Lukashenko. We all pray for Belarus.



Wednesday, July 8, 2020

BLM, Antifa, and the Democrats Plot to Destroy America

    The recent protests and riots by BLM and Antifa and funded by George Soros were planned well in advance, only waiting for a trigger.  The murder of George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis seemed to serve that purpose.  BLM couldn't pick the vic, but a cover story of a good man trying to turn his life around would hold until the true details of Floyd's lifetime as a career criminal was exposed. By that time, the riots would already be careening out of control and nothing could stop them. The most interesting part is that this all occurred with the full knowledge and cooperation of the Democrat Party.  I will get to that later.  Finally, the lockdowns due to the China virus made this a perfect storm as to what was about to happen.
      Within 24 hours activists were already protesting and being joined by many others who were not members of BLM, but sided with the story of police brutality to black men.  Antifa, with a large membership in the Seattle area and West Coast, immediately joined in.  BLM  and Antifa chapters all over the country were made aware that the time had come and started protests and riots in cities all over the country.  With the help of the mainstream media, the riots were described as peaceful protests despite the vandalism, looting, arson, and beatings and murders.  To me, this seemed reminiscent of Krystallnacht in November, 1938 where Nazi Brownshirts attacked Jewish businesses using similar tactics.  These riots were well organized and not spontaneous as the MSM might want you to think.  So well organized that pallets of bricks were dumped at convenient locations to supply Antifa with materials to breaks windows and glass doors.  In addition, Antifa carried backpacks filled with lead pipes and other gear to carry on their activities.  Some even carried Molotov Cocktails to burn businesses and automobiles, mostly police cars.  Two attorneys in New York City were caught red-handed tossing Molotov cocktails into police cars.
      Where were the police?  Being Democrat-controlled cities, the police were told to stand down and avoid confrontations and arrests.  In Seattle, the police gave up the local police station to the mob without a fight and allowed the establishment of an autonomous zone, first-named CHAZ and then CHOP.  This area was soon a nest of crime including murders and the police and paramedics were denied immediate access.  No one has been arrested for the three murders.
      In NYC, with riots in full swing, the police were arresting a few of those engaged in criminal activity only to have them immediately released on De Blasio's no bail policy.  They could immediately join the riots again. Meanwhile, De Blasio, an anti-Semite, had the police harassing and arresting Orthodox Jews who were at a funeral, leaving a synagogue after afternoon and evening prayers for violating a curfew, and finally, Orthodox Jewish children playing in a park, while other children could play in parks throughout the city. He even had the gate to the park welded shut. (BLM is very anti=semitic and has sided with Hamas against Isreal and is responsible for the BDS movement on our college campuses.) De Blasio also told those responsible for tracing contacts of those testing positive for the China virus, not to list that they participated in the riots.  In LA,  an order to wear masks and anti-social distance was strictly enforced, except for "protests." Rules seemed to be strictly enforced in Blue states and cities except for the rioters/protestors though the real Antifa almost always wore masks as did criminals to avoid identification, though anti-social distancing and curfews were ignored without penalty.
      Meanwhile,  through coercion, extortion, or just plain pressured fundraising.  millions for BLM were rolling in, with major corporations donating large amounts.  Those who wished to or were forced to contribute could do so through the BLM website.  Push the contribute button on the website and you are directed to ActBlue, a fundraising arm of the Democrat Party, through which the money is first laundered and then given to the DNC, Democrat candidates, and Joe Biden.  I wonder how many people and businesses are aware that they are donating to a man suffering from senile dementia. Without this mayhem, I doubt that much would have been donated to the Biden campaign. In addition, some companies changed iconic branding of their products and buildings, and many societal changes were imposed to conform to BLM's Marxist theology. Statues of all sorts of historical figures were vandalized or torn down, even those who were abolitionists and liberators and churches, synagogues, Jewish schools, and cemeteries were vandalized. As part of the cancel culture, history either had to be changed or denied.  Meanwhile, President Trump is criticized for holding rallies and using rallies for fundraising in the middle of a pandemic.  Biden is hiding out in his basement and raising millions through riots whereas President Trump is before the public every day, but his supporters and fundraising events are held at bay.
      This is a very sad time in the history of our country.  Rapid and effective police action or in some cases use of the National Guard would have squelched this horror as soon as it got started, but the complicity of Democrat mayor and governers allowed it to happen, all to raise money for Biden and  increase their chances to win a presidential election in November with an otherwise terrible candidate.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Statistic Don't Lie, But Liars Sure Do.

      Now that we are starting to recover from the Chinese biowarfare attack with Covid-19, most states are starting to loosen the harsh restriction, most of which should never have been necessary in the first place, but were unavoidable due to lack of knowledge about the behavior of the China virus.  Of course, the perfidy of the Communist Chinese by keeping it a secret and then falsifying data didn't help, especially when the WHO aided and abetted China's crime.  Tedros, an Ethiopian communist and nonphysician, should be tried at the World Court for his crimes against humanity that so far have left nearly 400,000 dead worldwide and caused trillions in economic damage, all so China could dominate the world economies.  Fortunately, even with the recent riots by far-left groups in American cities, recovery will happen, but just a little more delayed and China's crimes will backfire as they once again will become a worldwide pariah.  As you know from following my blog the true story will never be officially revealed, as that would mean WW3.  The MSM hates Trump so much that it decided to play the daily Chinese fake briefings on the virus, that blames Trump and the American army for creating and spreading the virus.  That is what happens when the corrupt and amoral MSM hates Trump, more than they love America and Americans.
      Today's article is about statistics and how to understand them and the fake analysis that left-wing news services have been trying to force down our throats.  It is obvious that most of the states and cities that remain locked down the longest have been in areas controlled by Democrat politicians, who hope to benefit from prolonged lockdowns.  They think that they can weaken the President before the 2020 elections as they know that unemployment will rise and many businesses will fail or barely hang on.  With the economy contracting during the first and probably the second quarter, the MSM will proudly claim a recession and of course blame it on President Trump.  Trying to keep America locked down, they are already pointing out that the opening up is not working as many new cases are being reported.  That is true, but here is why they lie.  It is pitiful to watch Joe Biden try to parrot the blame Trump mantra, as he can barely speak a coherent sentence.
      Yes, the statistics show many new cases and will continue to do so.  When the China virus first attacked us, testing was very limited and the supply of decent tests was very limited.  American ingenuity rapidly produced tests that were verifiable, and went from taking almost a week to interpret to minutes. Due to the conservation of resources, testing was limited almost exclusively to people who were ill and symptomatic.  Still early on, only about 25% of sick patients tested were infected.  Eventually, as more tests were available people, who were more at risk were tested as well.  This included health care workers and first responders and the elderly, particularly those in nursing homes. Nursing home patients who tested positive were either quarantined or sent to hospitals if symptomatic.  Some healthcare workers and first responders tested positive but were asymptomatic and were told to self-quarantine for two weeks.  As more and more tests were performed that ratio of positive cases to negative ones continued to show that the vast majority of people who tested positive were asymptomatic, but that few distinct groups of people were more susceptible to becoming symptomatic.  Those included the elderly,  people with pre-existing conditions, and people whose immunity was weak.  It also showed that African Americans seemed more symptomatic as well.  The answer to this is only speculative, but with the recent riots, it is possible that there may be a rise in new cases.  Currently, the ratio of deaths to positive cases is less than 6% and that should continue to drop as more people are being tested.  So far these are about 1.85 million positive tests and there are 106,000 deaths  The number of tests is 18 million.  As more and more people are tested, especially in states coming out of lockdown, the number of positive tests will increase, most of which should be asymptomatic.  If antibody testing is used, even more people would have been found to have had the virus.  The positive test to death ratio will continue to drop as it has been doing all along.  Therefore a rise in new cases should be expected and ignored, as long as the rate of deaths and critical patients continues to drop.
      As expected, the MSM either through ignorance or on purpose has wrongly interpreted the statistics.  This is for three very obvious reasons.  Either they are dumb, or the reality doesn't fit their agenda, or both. They want to return to a lockdown status.  As I pointed out in my previous articles, the longer a state or city stays in lockdown, they are more susceptible to major outbreaks in the fall.  Staying locked down delays herd immunity that suffocates the virus.  The left has even tried to say that talking about herd immunity, is Nazism style racism and about creating a master race. Huh.  A fall outbreak could be blamed on Trump, right before the election.  In addition, longer lockdowns will further damage the economy, something else the Democrats would try to blame on Trump,  They are so hungry for power and control that they will lie and cheat.  They will stop at nothing to achieve these goals, especially damage America and Americans.  Let's hope this backfires on them and we experience a red tsunami come November.


Sunday, May 17, 2020

Using a Misunderstanding to Paralyze America, Politicians Gotta Politicize

      I thought that my last post would be my last on the China virus, at least for a while, but people, especially governors and some mayors, fail to understand the real purpose of the lockdown.  The main purpose of the lockdown, according to Dr.  Fauci and Dr. Brix, was not to save lives or prevent new cases, but merely to slow them down so that hospitals would not be overrun and have to ration ventilators, ICU beds, and other resources necessary for caring for critical patients.  They emphasized that lockdown would flatten the curve, but they failed to empathize that flattening the curve also lengthens the period for infections and deaths to occur and in a sense makes recurrent hot spots more likely as the lockdowns delay herd immunity from taking over.  All but a few cities and regions of the country would have been much better off without any lockdown and only minimal restrictions. Areas like the tristate region around NYC did need a lockdown as some hospitals were reaching a point where there were no more critical care beds available.  Fortunately for New York, President Trump came to the rescue, bringing up USNS Comfort with 1000 beds, and having the Army Corp of Engineers build temporary hospitals in Central Park and the Javits Center.  Governor Cuomo and Mayor di Blasio failed to take advantage and instead put infected patients in nursing homes, who then infected the most vulnerable patients leading to many unnecessary deaths.
      Fauci and Brix based much of their opinions on the work of a British mathematical epidemiologist, whose original recommendations suggested as many as 2 million deaths in America.  In addition, the WHO and Chinese supplied fake data that I have already discussed in previous articles.  Ferguson didn't even follow his own advice and caught the China Virus, venturing out to visit his mistress. In addition, London was woefully unprepared as it had very few critical care beds.  That's is what universal medical care will do for you. The data made the lockdown seem like a great choice as the Chinese data showed a short period is all that would be necessary.  After being hit hard, many European countries copied America and closed travel especially from China, and began lockdowns.   The Swedes did not.  Their policy allowed most businesses and schools to stay open.  Keeping schools open meant that moms and dads could go to work as daycare would be the same as school, especially for younger children.  They did recommend masks, social distancing, and limiting the number of people in bars and restaurants.  Those most at risk were advised to be careful and isolation or quarantine was left up to the individual.  Currently, Sweden ranks 24th in the world on new cases and well behind the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Belgium in deaths per million population as well.  What's not to say that this policy could have worked in America.  I have pointed out in previous articles, the United States was inundated with Chinese "tourists" from both the West and the East via China and Italy.  Italy had a number of flights directly from Wuhan daily and explains a large number of new cases and deaths very early on.  In previous articles, I have presented the evidence for China's purposeful release of this virus in New York City, America's economic capital, and in Western Europe's greatest economies in order to help China succeed in making up for its recent downturn and allowing them to become the world's greatest economy.  They are especially afraid of President Trump and would love to see Biden elected as they consider him a pushover, after all, they did a $billion plus deal with Hunter "Humper"' Biden.
      Now the unacceptable is happening in some States.   Democrat Governors and mayors are continuing lockdowns and harsh policies, when unnecessary, just so they can blame President Trump for the poor economy as more and more Americans apply for unemployment. Mayor Eric Garcetti and his non-physician Health Commissioner Barabra Ferrer of Los Angeles say they may not end the lockdown until there is a cure, a vaccine, and a self-administered test and currently have extended the stay at home orders at least until August.  This can't be for anything, but political reasons.  One major company, Tesla, is threatening to move to Texas, where restrictions are being lifted, businesses receive favorable treatment, and there are no state taxes, a boon to both companies and workers.  Even when one considers that about 60% of all California's cases and 48% of all California deaths come from Los Angeles County, one needs to realize that about 55% of Californians reside there which is larger than the combined areas of Delaware and Rhode Island.  A cure may never come and a  vaccine may be years away.  It seems like a realistic approach in California may be as well.   Michigan's Governor, Gretchen Whitmer,  continues to hold most of the state hostage to the problems of Detroit, forcing nonsensical restrictions on Michigan's citizens.  When she appears on television, she seems to gloat over the power she has accumulated during this crisis,  smiling about how she will force citizens to follow her commands.  Transgender Pennsylvania Health Commissioner Rachael Levine seems more concerned with how people address her than helping the people of her state.  Chicago mayor threatens citizens with arrest for violating her orders but then goes out to get a haircut in order to look her best on camera.  Lori, I think you need more than a haircut.
Levine, Lightfoot, Ferrer

       The last thing I want to mention is the Democrats request for another $3 million bailout, that really isn't a bailout at all, but a wish list of Democrat and socialist policies that have nothing to do with the China virus.  These include checks for illegal aliens, Green New Deal actions, releasing criminals over the age of 50 from prison, prolonging unemployment benefits, plus a slew of contributions to Democrat financial supporters.  Of course, it is dead on arrival at the Senate, but even if only one of these horrible requests winds up in a final bill, Nancy Pelosi will have beaten the Republicans again.

Friday, May 8, 2020

The Chinese Virus Timeline May Prove My Point

        As you know, I have been saying that the Wuhan Chinese Virus was concocted in the Wuhan biowarfare lab and purposely shipped all over the world, using asymptomatic viral shedders.  The reason was to try to quickly establish Chinese dominance of the world's largest economy.  A careful analysis of the known timeline seems to support my conclusion.
        The only part of the timeline that is not known is when this virus was either concocted or discovered and precisely when the first case appeared.  One thing is obvious, it was known much earlier than suggested.  This is obvious based on two factors present in the time line.  
        December 31, doctors in Taiwan sent a letter to the WHO saying that they had heard from colleagues in Wuhan, China that a new virus was causing severe respiratory distress and that it had spread to healthcare workers caring for these patients.  In addition, three Chinese doctors tried to warn the World.  They promptly disappeared and are believed dead. WHO acknowledged the letter, but refused to act on it, probably at the request of China.  Hong Kong also sent a letter a few days later, but it was also ignored.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
         January 15, the Chinese still claimed that there was no human to human transmission.  Misinformation about bats and Wuhan markets seemed to surface.  But something else happened on January 15, the Chinese government told embassies in America and Canada to secure all of the PPEs they could locate.                                                                                                                                            
          January 20, the Chinese could no longer deny human to human transmission.                                            
          January 21, the Chinese tried to apply for a use patent on Remdesivir, an experimental drug developed by the Israeli pharmaceutical company Gilead for Ebola.                                                
          January 23 China shut down flights and other travel from Wuhan and two other cities to other cities in the rest of China, closing borders and forcing people to isolate in their apartments.                              
           February 2, President Trump's China flight restrictions began.  Over this period as many as 430,000 Chinese entered the United States from both China and via Europe. Italy in particular, had regular flights from Wuhan to Milan.  It just so happened that Milan had its fashion week in mid to late February, featuring huge tent shows with audiences from all over Europe and America, ideal to spread the virus.                                                                                                                                          
            March 11 Trump imposes a European travel ban.  By then it was too late.  The Chinese Lunar new year parades had already happened in New York and San Francisco and Mardi Gras in New Orleans and to make matters even worse Governor Cuomo, Mayor DiBlasio, and Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot encouraged people to get out and enjoy the festival and city.  Nancy Pelosi encouraged people to attend the festival in San Franciso and Mayor LaToya Cantrell did the same for Mardi Gras.  It is no coincidence that New York, California, and Louisiana were some of the early states hit very hard.
      So what does all of this mean.  First, it is obvious that the Chinese knew much earlier than they have admitted about not only the existence of the virus by at least a month or more likely more, as it would take time for it to go from its earliest victims to medical workers and then produce lethal effects. It is obvious that the Chinese government lied about transmission and that they knew months earlier.  Forced to finally admit human to human transmission, the Chinese immediately started securing supplies of PPE.  Most disturbing is the application for a patent on Remdesivir.  The Chinese had by January 21 used it on enough patients that they found it to be helpful in treating the virus.  That also doesn't match the data that the Chinese have supplied on new cases and deaths.
         Below are the Chinese data as reported by Worldometer.  The data is obviously false.  Notice that the cases don't seem to first begin until late January and that new cases essentially end in about 6 weeks.  Nearly all patients have recovered in about 10 weeks.  The curves produced by the data are too perfect to be true and gave the rest of the world a false sense of what they were dealing with.  Apparently, the first models, produced by epidemiologists in the UK, that were used all over the world were based on this nonsense.

           No other country has come even close to producing data that even closely resembles this fake material.  So questions arise.  Why?  Was it just an attempt to hide the fact that the virus originated in China?  Was it to fool the world into thinking it would be all over in 6 weeks so that shutdowns would only last a short time?  Unfortunately, the later seems to be the reason.  The early model out of the UK was based on the Chinese data, the only data available, and seemed to predict the worse unless everything was shut down.  This is destroying economies worldwide.  The only country to ignore the edict was Sweden, who used modified social distancing and stayed open.  Its results seem to indicate that this was the best decision.  As I have said in previous articles, it is my belief that New York and New York City were targeted as NYC is the financial hub for America and the World. Establishing World dominance is China's goal and using the virus in this way certainly can accomplish this goal and is the reason China is using so much misinformation so the World will ignore this for what it really is.  If the virus was only known in late January, why were  Taiwan and Hong  Kong sending letters to the WHO at the end of December?  The virus had to been around for a while to first attack an individual and then medical workers some of whom died.  Why was travel locked down in China, but allowed to travel all over the World?  Why did the Chinese try to secure as much PPE before late January? Why did they want to secure a treatment patent on Remdesivir?  The later is most troubling, as this indicates much experience with treating patients with the drug.  Finally, was the attack on America based on an attack on President Trump, who has gotten a much more favorable trade deal with China and whose America First agenda has prevented China from attaining its goal.  In an election year, this could affect his chances vs Democrat candidates who are easier to work with.  Biden has in fact accepted a huge billion-dollar deal for his son in the past.
         Hopefully, China's treachery will not go unnoticed and backfire.  The United States and other countries will move their production of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and PPEs back home or to more reliable and safer sources, shortening and making the supply chain more reliable. It is imperative that President Trump gets reelected, as Democrats have demonstrated that they are so power-hungry that they are willing to ruin and hold the American economy hostage. 



Thursday, April 30, 2020

Why Has Florida Done Much Better Than New York

      Lately, some in the MSM have tried to explain why Floridians have fared much better from the Chinese virus then New Yorkers.  A recent article in The Atlantic (who reads The Atlantic anymore, but ex-hippies turned limousine liberals on Long Island) came to no real conclusion. It had been almost gleefully suggested in the MSM that Florida, third in population behind California and Texas, with a very large percentage elderly, and a Republican governor, would fare much worse, horribly worse.  Yet it never happened, not even close. Florida's number of cases and deaths is only 1/20th of New York's. Warmer weather, less crowding, lack of public transportation, fewer homeless, and cleanliness were suggested. It was even implied that Floridians are more cooperative than New Yorkers when it comes to social distancing and wearing masks.  None of these explanations either separately or all together can explain the huge disparity. Not even that New York is a major tourist destination can explain it, as so is Florida.  Tourism is a major part of Florida's economy and spring break was just starting.
      One explanation, better leadership, was soundly rejected in these articles.  After all, the MSM gushed over every word Governor Cuomo spoke, touting him as future presidential material and were critical of every move that Governor Desantis made. So let's examine leadership first.  Prior to the pandemic hitting New York in force, Cuomo, New York Mayor DeBlasio, and Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot encouraged New Yorkers to get out and enjoy the city including an annual celebration of the Chinese New Year.  President Trump had already issued travel restrictions from China and as expected from the MSM, was called xenophobic and racist. Similar stupidity was displayed by Nanci Pelosi in San Francisco with its Chinese New Year celebration and in New Orleans by its Mayor Latoya Cantrell for Mardi Gras.
      The pandemic quickly ravaged New York City and began to overwhelm some of the city's medical facilities.  Cuomo begged for more ventilators, PPE, and hospital beds and President Trump responded immediately sending the Army Corps of Engineers to constructed hospitals in Central Park and the Javits Center and sent the USNS Comfort, a hospital ship with 1000 hospital beds. In addition, PPE and ventilators in our reserve were sent and American industry, much like in WW2, shifted over to manufacturing ventilators and PPE. In addition, military-medical personnel were sent to NYC to relieve overworked, infected, and worn out medical personnel. So far so good, President Trump and Governor Cuomo were working well together. As it turned out not so many hospital beds were needed and so many ventilators arrived that Cumo generously sent some to other states in need. An over supply is better than not enough in a pandemic.  After a bad start, Cuomo seemed to rally, but we have since found out that instead of utilizing the Comfort or beds in the Javits Center, infected patients were being sent to nursing homes.  That was like pouring gasoline on a fire, as nursing home patients were the most vulnerable and infection and deaths followed.  One report was that 25% of all deaths in New York were nursing home patients.  It was also learned that some years before, Governor Cuomo had auctioned off many of the state's ventilators, but failed to replace them.
      Desantis was roundly criticized by the MSM, claiming he delayed in closing down the state, but somehow he still made all of the right decisions.  Realizing that nursing homes in Florida were a disaster waiting to happen, he mobilized the National Guard to check on Florida nursing homes and do testing to prevent mass infection deaths as in Washington State and New York.  He emphasized strict social distancing and closed down pools, parks, public beaches, and even hotels. Certainly, there were cases and deaths, but the numbers were low considering Florida's large population and a large number of elderly.  Though third in population behind California and Texas, Florida is eighth in the number of cases and tenth in the number of deaths. Desantis has even begun to lift restrictions in less affected parts of the state.
      If you follow my blog, you will know that I think that New York City was targeted by the Chinese in a geopolitical struggle for the best economy in the world.  President Trump backed the Chinese into a corner with tariffs and forced China to sign a trade deal that by leveling the playing field for trade assured America of the top position for years to come.  The EU and America were the main victims of the viral attack, and undoubtedly planeloads of asymptomatic Chinese were sent to New York and Western Europe to weaken economies.  Fortunately, this has seemed to backfire on the Chinese.  America will now bring much manufacturing back home, especially drugs, PPE, and medical equipment to shorten and control the supply chain in case the Chinses try to attack us with another virus. It also made us realize that free universal medical care will not work here.  America has more ICU beds per capita than any other country and those EU countries that have free universal medical care.  Death rates were much higher in Spain, Italy. France, Belgium,  England, and Ireland.  In America, there should have been no rationing of ICU beds.  In fact, we have been so successful overall that hospitals are clamoring to resume elective surgery and medical care as they have been forced to lay off staff as they have nothing for them to do.  Therdfore, poor leadership combined with targeting are the reasons for the vast difference between New York and Florida.

Like Trump, I'm Always Right

      It is always a good thing to base a thought on facts that do not necessarily seem related, but then find a common thread that connects them as i did in my article of March 19, 2020,  The Plot To Assassinate President Trump, in which i said that the Chinese virus was concocted in a Level 4 biowarfare lab in Wuhan and not as something derived from bats at a Wuhan wet market. Most will leave it at that, as a serious international incident would result that could lead to war with China.  That part of my prediction will remain secret at even the highest levels.
      Here are some of the facts.  The director of the WHO is an Ethiopian Communist and supports his brethren in Red China, not only because they are fellow communists, but because they have lent Ethiopia a lot of money in the range of $7 billion.  Taiwan told the WHO about a new virus that was killing medical personnel in Wuhan by mid-December, meaning that human to human contact was passing the virus on.  That means that the virus existed well before, at least by mid-November or even before.  Despite Tedros knowing this, he chose to ignore it, and continue to claim that only transmission from bats was possible.  It wasn't until mid-January that he had to admit that human to human contact spread the virus.  By then it was too late.  Plane loads of Chinese asymptomatic viral shedders left Wuhan for major population centers all over the world and the seeds of the Chinese virus pandemic were sown. Tedros needs to be removed, arrested and brought before the World Court at The Hague for crimes against humanity and executed.  America should not give one cent to WHO until Tedros and his henchmen are gone for good.
      Streets of New York and San Francisco were filled with people attending the annual Chinese Lunar New Year Festivals in various cities as well as Mardi Gras in New Orleans, ideal places to shed the virus.  They even became more ideal when Nancy Pelosi,  New York City Health director Oxiris Barbot, and New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell encouraged people to attend these events despite the word that a viral illness was starting to travel.  Italy was one of the hardest countries hit, as its government is essentially communist run, and in violation of Italian law sold itself out to the Chinese.  This is especially true in Milan and northern Italy with daily flights to and from Wuhan.  A new Prime Minister Matteo Salvini was elected in 2018 in a populous movement that wanted to deport immigrants, and seize back control of the Italian economy from the Chinese.  Mr. Open Borders, George Soros, and the EU feared populist movements and managed to get him removed and replaced with a government more open to immigrants and China.  China dominates the garment industry in Milan, including the designer portion, and owns much of it. Workers from Wuhan are the ones who manufacture the clothes and other designer items.  Milan thus became a portal for virus shedders to enter Europe, just in time for Fashion Week in Milan.  Therefore, it is no coincidence that the financial capital of America and countries of western Europe are the hardest hit.  New York City was the main target.
      Why are the stats out of China so low?  First. do you really think they are real?  If they are real, why so low.  China had to know much more about this virus, well before the rest of the world and may even have both a cure and a vaccine.  They locked down Wuhan well before flights were banned in and out of the country not only to prevent spread to everywhere in China, but to limit access by doctors and scientists from outside China, who would confirm this evil plot. Some Chinese doctors, who were whistle blowers, were arrested and never heard from again and many American news people were expelled.
      The only part of my conspiracy article that has not been proven is the actual assassination attempt.  One bit of evidence that can be uncovered is to test Lu Jing for antibodies to the Chinese virus, while she is still a prisoner here and before she is sent back to China.  If present, it is not absolute proof, but it gives even more strength to what started out as a conspiracy.  We will probably never know to what extent the Chinese tried to assassinate the President and ruin our great economy.  War is really not an option, but other ways we can hurt China is to cancel our debt and bring key manufacturing home. We can certainly hurt China more than they can hurt us.  We also need to make certain that President Trump is reelected as Biden is far too weak and corrupt to do anything about it and the MSM would probably be cheering China on if they were aware of the plot.