Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Was There an Insurance Policy, I Smell it with Smollett.

      Dropping all 16 charges against Jussy Smollett, has begun a new controversy in Chicago.  Prosecutor Kim Foxx, who has a  reputation for reducing charges in criminal prosecutions, recused herself after being contacted by a former official with ties to Michelle Obama, but then apparently unrecused herself and dropped the charges and quickly sealed the records.  Much money, time, and resources were spent investigating Smollett's original complaint, that a hate crime had been perpetrated against him, $130,000 according to Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson.  To the credit of the often maligned Chicago PD, they did a very thorough investigation and discovered that the hate Crime was a fake. Their investigation uncovered that Smollett had thought up the assault and paid the so called assailants $3500, in order to make a higher salary for his role in Empire.  His selfishness will undoubtedly affect the public's belief of others who are true victims of hate crimes.  The Chicago PD and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel are disgusted with Foxx's action. Smollett still proclaims his innocence even though he had to forfeit his 10K bond.  In addition, Smollett's attorney has hinted that she is planning to sue the City of Chicago for the way the police treated and charged her client.
      This all seems part of Obama's effort to reduce prosecution and sentencing.  I have published previous articles on this  It should also be known that George Soros contributed $400,000 to Foxx's campaign in 2016 in which she defeated two other Democrat candidates including the incumbent by a two to one margin.   Soros has also contributed to the anarchist organization Black Lives Matter.
      Fortunately, the FBI has stepped in and will investigate not only Smollett on mail fraud charges, but also the Foxx hijinks.  An effort is also being made to unseal the documents that Foxx sealed so quickly.  The Smollett incident is just another in a long series of crimes that Obama has encouraged including the drug epidemic as Obama comminuted the sentences of 1700 drug dealers and  the Parkland massacre when an Obama administration official reduced school contacts with the police for students with criminal intent.
    Throughout this misadventure, Smollett has remained defiant and denied his obvious culpability.
Why would he do so, when the entire plot was discovered by police and reported nationally?  It  would seem that a quick plea, with no jail time, a fine, and community service might have silenced his critics.  But maybe, just maybe he had an "insurance policy," a get out of jail free card, so to speak.  We all know that Jussie Smollett is not the sharpest crayon in the box, so maybe he didn't dream up this caper by himself.   Maybe he was promised greater roles at another time,  but if in the unlikelihood that he would be caught he knew he had an "insurance policy."   Of course there would be a short passage of time, before a particular Hollywood producer would hire him, but the increase in pay would makeup for the delay.   He could still accept his award from the NAACP (or NAALCP if you choose).  That would certainly explain his arrogance and defiance in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
      What they didn't count on was the FBI coming in and launching both a probe of corruption involving Kim Foxx and mail fraud involving Smollett. He might indeed still have to plead guilty in order to get a fine and community service.  For Kim Foxx, her future could be in doubt.  She better start deleting emails and loosing any incriminating evidence.  She should ask Hillary Clinton for advice.


Thursday, March 28, 2019

Mueller Investigation is Over: What's Next

      The Mueller investigation into collusion by President Trump during the 2016 presidential election with the Russians is finally over after almost 2 years.  Obstruction of justice in the firing of FBI  Director Comes was really never as serious an issue as the MSM made out as the President has the right to hire and fire anyone within the executive branch of government for any or no reason at all. There is little to show for it as far as President Trump is concerned.   Mueller said that no future indictments by him are forthcoming. We did learn that the Russians did play a part by buying space on social media for both candidates and tried to divide the American people by organizing demonstrations for both sides, even at the same time. A number of Russians were indicted, but they will never set foot in an American courtroom.
     Several people very close to the president were indicted in an attempt to gain leverage for charges against the President, but no one could say anything to save himself that could be verified from other sources.  Both Michael Cohen, President Trump's personal attorney, and Paul Manafort, a campaign manager during the election campaign, were indicted and convicted or pled guilty to numerous charges, non related to Russia collusion and will spend time in prison.  Process crimes were claimed for George Papodoupolus and Gen. Michael Flynn for leverage purposes, and very short sentences of 14 days was meted out to the former.  Flynn who apparently cooperated with Mueller's investigation is still awaiting sentencing for lying to the FBI.
     Some material was turned over to very liberal, anti Trump, prosecutors for the Southern District of New York and it  may still do some investigating into other campaign irregularities, but similar violations by other candidates in previous elections have either been dropped, ignored, or treated with a fine.
      For two years, the MSM continued to talk about Russia, until recently as it was quickly becoming apparent that no collusion or obstruction existed and now that Mueller's investigation is complete and no high crimes and misdemeanors by our President have been found.  Nothing to impeach him has been found to exist so they ware weeping like little babies as they did on election night when it became obvious that Donald Trump had defeated Hillary Clinton and was to become our next POTUS.  CNN has patted themselves on the back for their biased and fake coverage.  CNN is becoming more and more significant as a news source everyday.
      So what's next.  Both Adam Shiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and  Jerry Nadler, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, want to carry out their own investigations.  Nadler has already sent out 81 subpoenas and Shiff wants to subpoena Mueller himself, claiming that Mueller is hiding evidence.  Shiff has been stating for the past two years that he has evidence of collusion, but has yet to produce one shred.  Now his removal as head of the Intelligence Committee has become an issue as he has lied continuously to the American public. Most Americans will look at this in a very negative way in the wake of Mueller investigation, knowing that these two are wasting time and money and it is time to move on and do something productive for the people of the United States, who they are supposed to represent.  Those far left crackpots like Maxine Waters and her ilk, who have been screaming to impeach the president, even look more like crazy people shouting at the moon. Speaker Pelosi should rein them in, if she can, as they will only be perceived as a negative come the 2020 elections, especially by moderates and independents.
      On other factor may comes into play.  The Mueller investigation has managed to divert and delay what may be the real crimes of the 2016 election campaign, namely those committed by the Clinton Campaign, Clinton Foundation, and high ranking Justice, FBI, and official in the Obama Administration, including President Obama himself.  The Steele Dossier has served as the basis for this investigation and despite it not being verifiable was used in obtaining FISA warrants to wiretap and unmask American citizens at an alarming rate.  A number of high ranking members of the FBI have already been singled outs as potential targets for indictments and this could extend to the DOJ,   some Obama administration officials, and even Obama himself.  The plot  to overthrow a sitting American President may have serious consequences, as this is certainly considered treason. It is up to the newly appointed Attorney General William Barr on whether to proceed, possibly appointing a new special consul to look into this can of worms.
      In the end, President was correct.  His campaign was indeed spied upon by the Obama administration.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Stop the Nonsense

      I thought that I could stop writing about anthropogenic global warming and climate change, but  a sense of urgency due to the coming of a prolonged cold spell is driving the left to make ridiculous claims and demand destructive solutions to a nonexistent problem.  False information is being driven by far left politicians seeking  money and power, but also by unethical scientists seeking more research money and willing to cook the books so to speak. A policy of confusion is being used to force fake science on the public, and to a certain extent, it is succeeding.  Some are teaching this lie to our children in the name of science and documentaries I see on TV often mention it in passing.
      When discussing climate change, the left conveniently leaves out the word anthropogenic implying that all climate change is due to Man and that deniers of anthropogenic climate change are deniers of climate change in general.  In reality, climate change is a naturally occurring phenomenon that has been going on for millions of years and, unless you skipped your fourth grade science class, due to the Earth's relationship with the Sun and solar activity.  Things haven't changed.  As early as the 19th century, during the beginning of the industrial revolution, some scientists predicted that industrialization may have a very slight effect on the climate, but it wasn't until 1956 that a Nazi named Gunther Schwab predicted apocalyptic anthropogenic global warming was going to destroy the Earth within 50 years in his fictional novel Dance With the Devil.  The book was written as an attack on capitalism and America, as he blamed both for the defeat and suicide of his beloved Hitler.   By the early 1960s the book had gained enough popularity that anti Americans had decided that it could be used as fact rather than fiction, ignoring the chapter on Nazi like eugenics. This included the UN and a double dealing Canadian at the UN named Maurice Strong.  Strong who ironically had made his billions in Canadian oil, gas, and coal, organized the first Rio Conference and continued to push anthropogenic global warming via the UN as its driving force.  Eventually, he found the perfect person to spread these lies to Americans, namely Al Gore.  The two have partnered on several projects included the now failed Chicago Carbon Exchange.  Strong's veracity came under attack when it was discovered he accepted a $997K  bribe from Saddam Hussein during the oil for food program imposed by the first Bush Presidency and continued under Clinton.  Strong had been on the short list to become Secretary General of the UN, but instead he was banished to the Peace University in Costa Rica to stay out of the limelight.  Now he lives in the most polluted city in the world, Beijing, as an environmental advisor to the Chnese government,  claims to be a communist, and partners up in deals with George Soros and Al Gore to destroy the American economy. 
      I don't think Gore wants to destroy America, but I think he is a willing dupe in the conspiracy, especially since it has made him very rich and rescued him from obscurity.  In his case, it is pure greed.  His 97% consensus  of all scientists was found to be based on a questionnaire sent out by grad students to selected scientists, and only those returned were counted.  Much of the data determined by models and some climate scientists  like that at East Anglia University was found to be faked and more and more important climate scientists are coming out against anthropogenic global warming.  That is why its proponents and leftists keep moving the goal posts back.  Their apocalyptic predictions just don't seem to happen.  More responsible scientists predict only very moderate ocean rises in the next 50 years. Now we are told we have 12 years left to save the planet according to New York socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocosio-Cortez  She has introduced a Green New Deal in which all we have to do is kill all the cows, stop driving cars and trucks using fossil fuels, give up air and sea travel, and even stop having children as some radicals in England have recommended.  After all, who wants to bring children into the world to pollute the world,  contribute to the problem, and who are going to die in 12 years anyway.  Communist Mayor of New York City, De Blasio has recommended that we start by instituting meatless Mondays to get used to doing without in order to save the planet.  The $900 million his wife can't seem to find might be a reason he wants us to do without. We have just experienced a horrific event in New Zealand by a radical from a group with admiration for Communist China and belief that immigrants contribute to global warming, so it was necessary to murder 49 of them.  
      If what I have said so far has not convinced you that anthropogenic global warming is a hoax please read an article published on climatedepot.com on October 28, 2016 by Marc Morano, summarizing the argument against anthropogenic global warming and multiple books and articles by scientists who not only debunk the myth of anthropogenic global warming, but predict the coming of a mini ice age.  

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Bribery vs Affirmative Action

       The MSM has been abuzz over the lastest college admissions scandal.  Some are calling it another example of white privilege totally gone awry.  It seems that wealthy parents using a phony charity as a cover have been paying loads of cash to get their mostly undeserving children into prestigious schools that they otherwise probably would have been denied admission.  In some cases very bright students would be paid to take SAT and/or ACT college entrance examinations, assuring a high score, worthy of admission.  Some were done through outright bribes to college admissions officers or to athletic coaches to request that a student be admitted to play on a college team. Photoshopped pictures of the head of a student involved  placed on that of someone playing the sport and on an athletic body were sometimes included.  In most instance that child never even played the sport.  The money was funneled through a phony charity set up by Richard Singer to at least give parents a tax write off.  Over all about $25 million was paid into this scheme.
      The FBI in operation "Varsity Blue" uncovered the scheme and has indicted more than 50 individuals  on a variety of chargers including money laundering and tax evasion.  Since wealthy parents were involved who were mostly white, the MSM has looked at this a white privilege gone completely off the deep end.  Think of it, children being admitted to prestigious colleges for which they probably would not be admitted otherwise. Even several Hollywood liberal actresses have been indicted. These cheaters have taken the places of other applicants who are more qualified according to admission standards to matriculate at these universities.  Law suits by students denied admission have started to pop up.
      But colleges have always admitted students who did not meet the academic standards meant for their average admission..  The student athlete is a good example.  At least these students may earn large sums of money for the university totaling in the millions of dollars.  Although grading scandals occasionally arise, most universities have a means to make students eligible with mandatory study halls, tutoring, and class attendance monitoring as the student athlete can't earn tons of monet for the university, if he is academically ineligible.  The money the University receives from ticket sales, bowl games, and happy alumni is used for scholarships and other school projects.  Legacy students may also see standards eased a bit, especially if their parent or grandparent are regular donors, the more donated the better the chance of securing admission.
      There are other ways to cheat.  President Obama was able to transfer to Columbia University from Occidental even though he had a B- average,  using his Indonesian passport to secure admission and access to scholarship money as a foreign student.
      The most glaring example of the bending of admission standards is affirmative action. Liberals have decided that even though their efforts at improving education for minorities has failed, it just doesn't matter.  Bussing to integrate mostly segregated schools failed, because it not only wasted money that could have been used for books, supplies, teachers' salaries on bussing itself, but de facto segregation within the school house occurred, as newly arriving minority students needed to be placed in classes in which they could compete.  In most cases, their previous education had failed to keep pace with those of whiter students so they were behind through no fault of their own.  Although some bright and determined students could be move into normal classes as their education progressed many could not catch up and so forced bussing is considered a failure.  Affirmative action at all levels placed students who were less qualified ahead of those that would otherwise be admitted.  The United States Supreme Court in 5-4 decisions has sided with affirmative action, though a limit on for how many years it should go on was discussed.  Realistically though, why should skin color be a better indicator for admission than money.  After all money allows the University to build better dorms and classrooms and hire top professors.
      Now I'm not saying that bribing ones way into a university is the equivalent of affirmative action, far from it as the former is illegal and those involved should be and are being prosecuted.  Besides the obvious that has already been mention, all minority students are tagged as affirmative action whether they are or not. It also demonstrates that the liberal approach to education has been a failure.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Political Assassination and the MSM

      Jamal Khashoggi walked into a Saudi embassy in Turkey and never left in one piece.  Though he was a Saudi citizen, he had attained permanent residency in the USA and worked as an opinion writer on the Mideast as a staff member of the Washington Post. Certainly killing someone is a terrible crime, but the MSM has played this up as if it were the crime of the century and have targeted Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia as the one who ordered it.  Both the MSM and many members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have demanded harsh treatment of Saudi Arabia and that MBS step down. The Saudi version is that Khashoggi was the victim of a rogue group of Saudi intelligence agents during an interrogation gone bad. All have been arrested back in Riyadh, though Khashoggi's  body or its parts have not been located as yet.  Khashoggi had been a critic of the Saudi regime and a supporter of the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood. Why he had to be killed is a mystery.  More facts and fiction will be forth coming.  Daniel Pearl, a real journalist of US and Israeli citizenship, was captured and beheaded in Pakistan  in 2002 during the Afghan War.  The MSM barely gave it any mention.
      Now let's go back to September 11, 2012, when there were murders at a US consulate. US Ambassador to Libya,  J. Christopher Stevens, and three American security agents were murdered during a well planned attack by Libyan terrorists related to Al Qada. Stevens body was mutilated and dragged through the streets on Benghazi. The corrupt Obama regime quickly put out a totally fictional tale about what happened, because Obama was involved in a very close Presidential election and only weeks before had claimed that Al Qada was on the run.  I guess they ran to our consulate in Benghazi.  Though they knew from the beginning what had really happened, the Obama gang quickly using a willing liar and national security advisor, Susan Rice, to put out the fairy tale that the attack was a response to an obscure anti Muslim video that no one had seen. For several months until well after the Presidential election, this lie was being told to anyone willing to listen and believe it or not, there are some Kool Ade drinker who believe it to be true. The followup in Congress was a travesty of justice for Stevens and the other three Americans.  Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, poohooed the incident before Congress as "what difference does it make."  Stevens had requested extra security on multiple occasions, because he was well aware of rising islamic terror in Libya, but it was always denied. On placing blame the Republicans tried to get at the truth and Obama and the Democrats blaming the Republicans for sequestration and a lack of funding for security.  Documents, requested by Congress were slow in coming, if at all, and when they were they were often heavily redacted.  Because they knew the Obama regime was at fault, the MSM quickly lost interest and blamed Republicans for wasting money with the Congressional hearings.
      Many questions have never been answered publicly. When did Obama and Hillary Clinton know the who and why of the attack and why did they lie to the American public and create a false story? Evidence seems to indicate that they knew almost immediately and that the terrible lie was shamefully created for political purposes.  American assets were available that could have possibly saved lives and why were they told to stand down?  This of course was denied by the regime, but a number of military personnel said they were ordered to stand down.  The regime ordered surviving consulate personnel not to give interviews. Why?  Why was Stevens not given extra security? It wasn't sequestration, maybe it was because the Clinton State Department had lost track of $6 Billion.  And finally, what was the real reason Stevens was ordered to Benghazi in the first place?  Some say it was an arms deal to recover arms lost in Syria.  Stevens did not recover the arms, but he did apparently recover their bullets.
      The reaction of the MSM to Benghazi has been deplorable.  They acknowledged that it happened and once they realized the corrupt anti America Obama regime was at fault, they decided to move on especially with an election coming up.  They seemed to accept Hillary Clinton's explanation that a few Libyans were out for a night on the town and decided to kill some Americans. Fast forward to the 2016 presidential campaign, the MSM ignored asking questions of candidate Hillary Clinton about Benghazi as if it never ever happened.
      It seems many people on both sides of the aisle want to severely punish Saudi Arabia, by punishing America and getting rid of MBS.  There is a $100 billion arms deal on the line, though I don't think it will be cancelled, but may be delayed.  The Russians would certainly be willing to take our place.  Many nations murder its citizens, but we are highly selective of who we are critical. In fact, Obama made agreements with two of the worst, Cuba and Iran with little opposition from the MSM.  I think the real reason some are calling for harsh punishment is that  President Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has befriended  MBS as both an ally against Iran and a possible moderator in a Mideast peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians.  The MSM is tired of winning.

Friday, October 12, 2018

The Democrat Nominee Dark Horse Candidate for 2020 Presidential Election

     The 2018 midterms are nearly upon us and it doesn't seem too early to start looking at the potential Democrat candidates to make a run for the Presidency. So far, President Trump has been very successful at improving the economy, decreasing unemployment, getting rid of oppressive regulations and lowering taxes.  Internationally, he has renegotiated trade deals and gotten the US out of bad deals and agreements with the idea of negotiating better agreements and is working toward denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and Iran.  Whether he will be successful remains to be seen.  Even if he is successful, there are still some potential candidates who have begun obvious or weakly disguised messages that they are in the running.  The continuing Mueller investigation, the antifa, and other anti Trump organizations want us to think he is vulnerable while for some, 2020 is just a test  for 2024 but a last chance for others.  Young and old, liberal to ultraliberal, the entire gamut of potential candidates are in the running.  I will try to analyze the strong and weak points of each and at the end, list my "dark horse" to get the nomination.
      Lets start with some of the obvious.  Hillary Clinton just won't go away.  Despite the terrible campaign she ran and her dumb book she wrote afterward, she just won't face reality.  She is not a very likable person, has no message, in poor health, and would be in her 70s.  She and hubby Bill are hitting the road for some sort of tour, I think to criticize President Trump and all of us who voted for him. (I wonder if I could sue her  for libel for calling me deplorable.)  She certainly has a lot of money to wage a campaign, but I think that she does not have the ability to raise huge amounts of money anymore.  Her foreign sources have dried up and even most wealthy  Democrat donors in the know see her as a loser.  She lost in 2008 to Obama and then again to Trump in 2016.  She barely beat out socialist Bernie Sanders with the unethical help from the DNC, CNN, and super delegates. Maybe woman abuser Bill, who doesn't look so good himself, can kick some sense into her (after all, maybe she likes it rough).
     Next we have Bernie Sanders.  Many ultraliberal Democrats think he should have been the nominee in 2016 if it weren't for HRC's and the DNC's treachery and he remains with a large following as the head of the socialist movement (it is not progressive, but actually regressive).  I have to give Bernie credit, he waged a very active campaign for a man his age, but he will be 79 in 2020 and serving 4 years would put him at 83 if he won.  The main question is whether he can hold up to a vigorous campaign, both for the nomination and then for the presidency, if he should win.  Will he also be able to attract the money necessary to wage a successful campaign as there are certainly going to be much younger socialists and liberal Democrats in the running who would attract contributions,  In 2016, he was really the only alternative to HRC for Democrats.
      Other socialist candidates include Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren, Kamala Harris, and Cory (Spartacus) Booker. Warren is the only one with some experience, (but Obama had no experience and became President).  She comes off as an angry person, who seems to be yelling and screaming at every demonstration in Washington, DC.  She seems even less likable than HRC. For now, all we know that she stands for are oppressive government regulations and much higher taxes.  I think it is safe to say that Harris and Booker, pretty much stand for the same, but they have done so little as senators that they would need to take the Obama route to the nomination. More than likely, except for Warren who is 69 years old, the others may look at this as a trial run for 2024.
      I can't leave out Joe Biden.  Biden, though 75, still seems to have some fight left in him.  He would like to take President Trump out behind the gym and duke it out.  It would make great par-for-view even better than a top UFC event.  Joe usually has a big mouth with little to back it up. Though laughable because of his many gaffs, it is doubtful that he would be able to raise enough money to run, but he might be considered more moderate than the previous candidates mentioned and would certainly draw support from the dwindling number of traditional Democrats.
      How about Tim Kaine, HRC's vice presidential running mate?  Naw.
      How about retiring Governor of California, Jerry Brown?  He destroyed a once great state and would probably do the same to America.  He is 80 years old. No way.
      Two left overs from the Obama regime that may throw their hats in the ring, include former Attorney General Eric Holder and all around Obama lackey Susan Rice.  Holder has a corrupt and/or  inept tenure as Attorney General with one scandal after another that he would have to answer for.  He is already trying for far left support with talk about getting violent with Trump supporters. And though the Democrat electorate would probably ignore it, His scandal plagued DOJ becomes an extreme liability during the presidential election.  Susan Rice also has too many problems, especially with lying, to make her a real candidate.
      There is one turncoat, Michael Bloomberg, former Republican mayor of New York City now a Democrat.  His politics line up a little more toward the left of center and he has enough money to fund his own campaign as one of the wealthiest Americans.  Though he lacks a national organization, he could certainly buy one and spend a billion of his own money and not really miss it.  I imagine he would have to contend with the puppet master, George Soros, for buying hearts and minds.  He is also no spring chicken and  will be 78 years old in 2020.  Might be fun to see Bloomberg and Sanders go at it.  Maybe Biden would take them behind the gym. Bloomberg could also launch a third party campaign, if a socialist winds up with the Democrat nomination.
      Before I give you my dark horse, I would like to say that all of the above have significant problems that could include age, experience, scandal, likability, and most importantly financial backing.  The more radical of the candidates may even choose the third party route.  Though any Democrat nominee will get some, the big donors may not want to go all in until 2024 after Trump finishes his second term and the Republican nomination will draw a large number of candidates.
      I think it is obvious who I have left out.  This dark horse was somewhat muted during the second Obama regime, but has begun to make more and more appearance.  She is very anti Trump and in fact states that the great economic recovery that we have made was begun by Obama and gives Trump little if any credit for it. It should be obvious by now that i am talking about Michelle Obama.  Her husband is still very popular among Democrats and would therefore have the ability to raise money. Many wealthy donors would contribute as they would consider her, like her husband, to favor  crony capitalism. Other factors in her favor are name recognition and the obvious platform of returning to her husband's agenda. That she lacks any experience could be totally ignored, as Barack would be her most influential advisor.  Finally she is also young enough to use 2020 as a stepping stone to 2024.
      2020 should be very interesting.  I suspect the Democrat Party will continue its self destructive journey to the left, especially as Trump continues to have one success after another.


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Big Tech Is Targeting Me

      Before I get into this new post, I would like to thank all of you for your wishes for my speedy recovery and I'm happy to report that I am at about 60%, but able to do just about everything I need to.  Best of all my back pain is gone.  I am continuing with physical therapy and hope to be 100% soon.
      At first I couldn't believe it, but now i am convinced that big tech is targeting me and censuring my posts by limiting access.  Normally when I published a blog, I announce it on a variety of Facebook sites, as well as Twitter, Quora,  and email to friends and family.  As you well know, my blog is filled with my conservative knowledge and beliefs with a special interest on the anthropogenic global warming hoax, pro Trump, and anti Obama, George Soros, and the left. Normally I get between a 100 and 150 reads per article, rarely more than 200, yet one of my posts received close to two thousand.  At first i was excited, as I though my wisdom was gaining a huge following.  The title of the blog was I Have to Admit that Obama Was Right.  I did agree with Obama that anthropogenic global warming was the biggest threat we faced, but the gist of the posting was that belief in anthropogenic global warming was the real enemy and threat, as it robbed us of treasure and freedom.  After it was posted, I did my usual notifications that a new article was available and was shocked by the massive increase in reads.  I looked forward to posting my next article with such an expanded following.  Unfortunately it went back to the usual number.  In fact titles that were obviously anti Obama received the fewest readers, such as The FLOTUS Is Full Of Flatus, aimed at Michelle Obama's misguided political philosophy and actions as First Lady.
      Bedridden after my surgery, I had little to do, but watch the news on television and stories about web censorship of conservatives was a frequent topic. I finally had an explanation for the differences in readership.  Google, the host of blogspot.com, Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even Quora were limiting access to my blog. In fact I have occasionally been warned about breaking the rules of civility when none were broken.  I purposely try not to use personal attacks, but back up my reports with facts, often contrary to liberalism and far left ideology.  Negative comments  to my blog are almost always personal saying I should never have been born and calling me all sorts of names.  Rarely is a fact disputed with a reasonable argument.  I enjoy these ridiculous comments and even posted a blog about it titled FUN and Games With the Left. The Left often resorted to personal attacks as they are unable to debate issues with facts.  When they do, they often sound foolish, as Pelosi's comment calling Trump's tax cuts, bonuses, and raises "crumbs."
      President Trump has found ways to avoid censorship despite the MSM and Web.  He has brought himself to the people with rallies, over flowing with supporters, and through his twitter account, that was taken down for a short time by a techie at Twitter.
      The Left has adopted Nazi like tactics, not only with anti America propaganda, but limiting free speech, especially on college campuses.  Somehow liberal politicians support this, but claim they are for free speech.  Doctor Democracy's Dictates with continue to publish as long as I am not banned.  Thank you for your loyal readership.